Social Media Branding

Social Media

Social Media is the future. Make no mistake about it, if you want a business to thrive and connect with the general public a social outlet is needed. Wyvern will advise customers getting websites built to get a social channel too and integrate them. Google loves this as it adds weight behind you being a legitimate business that cares for its customers.

Wyvern offers basic run of the mill Social Media setups all the way to producing nice eye catching video edits.

As well as the social side, Wyvern has experience with advertising banners as seen below.

HTML5 Banners

HTML5 Banners are now regarded as the normal banners to create. We put a lot of time and effort into the banners to make sure they are ideal for your needs.


Flash Banners

Flash banners will not display on devices that do not have flash enabled or block adverts.

At Wyvern we have a lot of experience building flash banners.