Freelance Web Development

App & Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce Development is a highly specialised field most often demanding well trained teams of individuals to carry out projects. This is not always necessary and at Wyvern we have a wealth of experience and know-how offering solutions to online conundrums.

We cannot list everything that is possible but we have a wealth of experience to guide you through your creative project so we can bring it to life.

Let Us Help You!

We can help you with any problems in your existing site too. Below is examples of several issues we’ve had to fix over the years.

  • Missing Pages
  • Browser Differences
  • Script Errors
  • Hosting Changes
  • Broken Plugins
  • Google Adwords Errors
  • PHP Errors
  • Broken Sliders
  • Server Errors
  • Website Navigation Issues
  • Dreamweaver Errors
  • Slow Loading Times
  • Broken Links
  • Backup Restoration
  • CSS Errors
  • WordPress Errors
  • Domain Changes
  • SEO Issues
  • Template Errors
  • Broken Menus
  • Website Version Changes
  • Accessibility Problems
  • Page Errors
  • Poorly Coded HTML
  • Outdated/Unsupported Code
  • Poor Website Security
  • Formatting Issues
  • Improper Code Usage
  • Database Connections
  • Poor Image Quality
  • Browser Compatibility Issues
  • Screen-Size Problems