The Internet is established and working. In fact, it works great and "my" website has no issues, a https certificate
This past week Wyvern has had quite a transformation. Mainly because I never loved what was there before and my
Whether you need to update your existing website, start fresh or just branch off with that excellent idea you’ve had
For years, Google has been pushing the internet towards SSL, encryption certified internet websites that cannot be broken into or
First off, what is GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulation is an EU regulation in regards to data protection for
Before I delve into the question of does it matter, I need to define what a Vector and a Bitmap
“The internet is changing the way we live, work, produce and consume. With such extensive reach, digital technologies cannot help
With Wyvern Designs recent facelift, I thought it a good time to write about why I did it, and the
Before starting any job, I always tell the client that I will be using WordPress. Honestly, most of the time
Wyvern Design has just created a new logo for itself. While creating it I asked myself why I was doing