I am a freelancer and I can see several benefits to why you would hire me over DIY or getting a design firm to do the same thing. Here are 10 reasons to consider a freelancer:


A freelancer does everything they can to keep costs down. Most often they will work from home and use as many free software tricks to get the project done as cost free as possible. These savings ultimately go to their customers and it is why their prices seem too good to be true. They can afford to make it cheaper due to fewer overheads.

2.Dealing 1 to 1

With a Freelancer it is rare you are speaking to anyone else but the person that will do the work. This means that there is little room for misinterpretation or confusion.

3.Accurate Completion Dates

A freelancer should have a pretty accurate timeline as to when they can complete your project. As well as being the salesman involved they should be realistic with time scales and costs involved. If the timescales change then the freelancer also has the knowledge first hand and can warn the client for whatever reason.

4.Get the best advice

When you deal with a freelancer, you are accessing all their knowledge. Freelance web designers should have the best solutions thought up or at least be able to give some solutions if there are issues that crop up. Clients need to be aware that because there is such a vast array of ways to tackle websites it is not always straight forward and sometimes web designers need time to test and think of solutions much like science.


A freelancer is one person with one contact. It should be that straight forward. Payment should be a simple process too.

6.We’re always online

A lot of people think working for yourself sounds like a dream job but in reality it can become quite 24/7. This doesn’t mean freelancers need to work 100 hours a week but they need to be a lot more flexible than the standard 9-5 Mon-Fri working hours.

7.Your project is more important to a freelancer

Freelancers really want your work probably more than an agency with several big clients. A Freelancer should show willing and commitment as soon as they have an opportunity to get a new client. This isn’t to say an agency wouldn’t love new clients but a freelancer is more likely to treat all clients equally and devout attention to finishing jobs.

8.Freelancers have networks

I personally don’t do SEO but I know a lot of people that do. I know several other freelancers all within the web market that I would happily work with and it makes it quite easy to fulfil any web job required. This is equally true for people in the trade.


Freelancers typically work within their means of getting jobs finished when they come in. Sure, some jobs take priority at times, that is only natural but a freelancer shouldn’t be persuaded by the biggest job first. Of course, this is a little subjective job to job.

10.Right person for the right job

Congratulations. You are paying one person for one job with no middlemen. That’s how everyone should feel for doing anything. If you hire an agency you will be paying the commission for sales, the MD and the design team. Ultimately that’s why the price is higher.


Its pretty straight forward. You hire a Freelancer because you need a specific task working on. Once its done there are no strings attached.