With Wyvern Designs recent facelift, I thought it a good time to write about why I did it, and the considerations that can come with “why redesign at all?”

Well, the simple reason was in fact that the original site was put up in a hurry just to have an internet presence but over time I had time to reflect on what I wanted going forwards.

1#Your Website Technology Is Out of Date

The internet moves at an alarming pace. You can almost compare it in dog years to our human years. The platforms that our systems are built on are in need of constant updates as new security features make their way to the front. Not only security, but hardware, trends and latest updates all contribute to a variable ever changing digital landscape.

Websites are at the front of this digital landscape and are in constant need of attention. By having your website redesigned on a more contemporary, flexible and progressive platform your website will be able to adapt with technology and maintain greater security.

2#Your Website Design Looks Old

It’s funny being a designer and looking back at websites I built only a few years ago that now look completely dated. I remember at the time looking at them with clients adoringly and it worries me slightly sometimes working on projects now what I will think in the future.  Plenty of research shows that you only have a few brief seconds to get the user’s attention and to convey enough value to engage them. Also the quality of your website design is a direct reflection on your business image, so it is important that your website looks professional, fresh and contemporary. Additionally, if the aesthetics of your website design is old the chances are that the user experience is also going to be lacking.

3#Your Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly

Responsive design… This is a key feature in any current web designers arsenal. I often have to explain to clients why the modern look is so shapeless and explain about the crazy different ways people can view their website. Mobile users expect to get what they want very quickly and easily, and want to have “mobile intelligent” features, like one click dialing for example. So it is important that your website is optimized for mobile devices to ensure the best user experience. With approximately 30 percent (and rising) of website visits coming from mobile devices, if you are simply delivering your users to the desktop version of your website you will be losing business due to accessibility frustrations.

4#You Aren’t Getting the Results You Want

No matter how much you like your website, you would probably like it more if got the results you wanted. Getting results is a direct result of how you attract, engage, convert, measure and optimize your website towards your business goals.

Before committing to a redesign, you need to define exactly what you want your website to accomplish. You have had an experience with your current website, so its a great time to reassess and use your best thinking, along with new technology to really improve your online opportunities. Once you know what you need your website to do you can investigate how to build a more functional and effective website.

5#Your Business Focus Changes

Business goals change over time and you want your website to support these changes. The great thing about new technology is that it gives your business the ability to shift focus easily and quickly. It also gives your business more opportunities to expand into different areas.

Social media, online review sites, cloud applications, lead management systems, and mobile websites barely existed five years ago. Businesses that want to survive and thrive learn to capitalize on the technology that’s available to help them deliver a better product or service. If you don’t redesign your website to integrate new technology into your business you may find it hard to keep up in your industry.


It’s impossible to stay ahead of the curve. You’ll always want something faster, better and stronger. The best you can hope for is something reliable, modern, easy-to-use and you are happy with.

Do I love my new redesign? Not especially, but I’m quite grumpy about all my work no matter how good or bad.