With Facebook recently allowing you to add a cover video to your favourite social media site I thought I would cover 5 reasons why you should consider the video upgrade.

The first thing any person sees on your Facebook page is your cover photo. This will instantly give your audience an impression of your business.

The suggested dimensions are also close to that of a cover photo. Facebook requires that cover videos dimensions are at least 820 x 312 pixels, while the recommended size is 820 x 462 pixels. Cover videos can be anywhere from 20-90 seconds long and can loop in any way you want.

1.Video Lets You Expand on Details

I’ll start with the obvious. A picture can tell a thousand words and a video can tell

a thousand pictures. A video feeds information slowly and reliably to the end user as quickly or responsively as you want. If you try to cram the same information into one 820 x 312 pixels image you might find it quickly becoming a mess of information that could have been delivered in a smooth easy to follow storyboard. It can also benefit with a step by step guide in a visual format. Take for example how to repair a shed roof; it’s much easier as a step by step guide to see how to do it than crowd it onto one image. A video in your Social feed header will instantly show visitors to your page that you know what you are talking about and how to get it done, even before they have read anything else.

2.You Don’t Have To Scroll with Video

Whether you post photos on your website, Facebook profile page or social media, users who want to see them all have to scroll through each and every one. While I’m sure your photos are fantastic, it still takes time for users to see each image. When it comes to video, this problem disappears. All you do with a video is sit back and relax; you know that the content has been specially chosen for you the end user. They don’t have to scroll through or click onto the next image. While a few clicks wouldn’t kill anyone, you always want to make it as easy as possible on the consumer. In that case, go with video.

3.Video is Dominating the Marketing World

Images are great! They have stood the test of time and proved themselves an indefinite necessity to human evolutions through teaching and understanding. But what a video is in layman’s terms, is a load of images stitched together to form several images. True, the two medium have a different focus but you can easily see modern advertising slowly replacing image billboards with high definition screens. There is a reason for this stemming from cost perspective too, Video does not cost more in the long run as poster

s need to be taken down and replaced. Screen setup may be an immediate cost overhead but this can be much cheaper later on when replacing the video content is essentially free and easy.

4.Video is Good for Search

YouTube has really become one of the big social media channels unsurprisingly. Video titles quite often rank in Googles top searches. I know the title I have is for your social media cover but having your impressive video in multiple places should not be overlooked. Be proud of what

your video says about you or your product and let it be shared or talked about.


Sound cannot be underestimated. As humans we are 68% visual creatures and a further 30% is on the hearing (the last 2% is the other senses). 30% is a large amount of your sensory input. Imagine watching your favourite show on mute. When you go to the cinema, a large portion of what you enjoy is the enhanced sound you experience. Sound can be a wrong move if you don’t plan for it properly. It can turn your product into something unprofessional instead so be careful with it.

I’ll point out that BBC does its video very well as it gives the option to have the sound on or off without losing any of the quality but they understand their target market does not have audio capability a lot of the time.


Just remember if you opt for an image instead it’s not a wrong choice as a bad video will do more harm than good.

Video is already starting to take over the marketing world. Sooner or later, it’s going to be the only form of marketing consumers will want to see. If you’re not producing, editing and sharing home improvement videos, it’s about time you start.