Before starting any job, I always tell the client that I will be using WordPress. Honestly, most of the time it means nothing to them or if they do know anything then they are usually more than happy with this foundation. I personally grew up not using WordPress and it was only through being forced to use it in some jobs that I begrudgingly got on board and learnt the ins and outs of why it is superb and why a fifth of the internet is based on its system

#1 WordPress is open-source

WordPress is common practice in the web industry now. Web Developers use it as their bread and butter, mainly because of that buzz word, Open Source. Open Source meaning the possibilities are limitless when it comes to changing core code and adding customisation.

Every WordPress update features several key security updates and this as at a cost of… not a penny. The community is massive too so anything you think you have a problem with, you can guarantee there is someone there to help.

#2 WordPress is never outdated!

WordPress will never suffer from being in a position where you have a website that cannot be updated. True, something like Responsive Design baffled the industry for a number of years but it was builds such as WordPress that were on the front line that learnt to overcome it. In fact, from my background I would argue that building traditional HTML sites is now more difficult without WordPress there to aid you. It is a tool after all.

With WordPress, you have access to an almost unlimited pool of developers.

#3 WordPress makes SEO Easy

WordPress started life as a blogging platform, but has evolved into a robust content management system that is flexible enough to be used for far more than blogging. The amazing heritage that WordPress is famous for and which has made it loved by bloggers and marketers alike is its highly effective search engine optimisation (SEO) features, which are baked into the core of the CMS. And you can’t put a price on good SEO optimisation!

#4 WordPress is easy to use

When you come to grips with where everything is in WordPress you realise it’s actually a pretty straight forward artistic palette. I appreciate, it can look intimidating with a lot of input required for a new user but with the right guidance it gets very easy to ignore the parts of a page that will not need your attention.

One of my favourite parts of completing a job is showing my client how to use their new website. I make it look so easy!

#5 WordPress has lots of extensions (plugins)

This took me a while to really consider but there are so many plugins available it makes your next job easy.  The plugins mean you can actually build any system you like without needing a ground level understanding of how the coding works.  Of course, this doesn’t do the job for you and styling is just as crucial as ever!

#6 WordPress is mature

WordPress is over ten years old. It’s not buggy and it won’t crash your site or erase your data. During the past decade, WordPress has been refined, tested, and enhanced. In the process it has evolved into a world-class web publishing system.  I love that WordPress saves version control of your websites so you never need worry about ruining your design either.

#7 WordPress has a bullet-proof reputation

Thinking of making your website a WordPress one? Then you’re in good company. WordPress is trusted by Fortune 100 companies from, and CNN to government organisations, who all run their businesses and services on the platform.

#8 WordPress is scalable

If you are a publisher or event organiser, you might need more than one website to promote various parts of your business. With WordPress that’s never a problem. WordPress, with its multi-site capabilities and theme-based structure, will allow you to create new sites within a matter of days and fraction of the initial investment.

#9 WordPress loves multi-language sites

If you have offices in more than one country, you probably need localised sites for every one of them. WordPress sites are easy to duplicate and customise so managing various different sites in a variety of languages and time zones is a piece of cake.

#10 WordPress is a powerhouse

Large sites with millions of views per day use WordPress. Here are just three of the biggies: Mashable, Techcrunch and Metro. Very Impressive!


I would consider myself a great example of a pure convert. I openly admit to people I was wrong. I was afraid that I would be wasting my time on something that I would barely understand or ever use but I have seen the light, there is no going back.

If you don’t use WordPress as your foundation you are missing out. There are no excuses not to.