Photographer And Video Editor

Product Photography

Wyvern Design understands the difference between Product Photography and Lifestyle photos.

Product photography is all about a focus on an item and getting the most out of it to tell your customers exactly what they are going to be purchasing.

Editing is a major part of the post-production process and Wyvern makes sure that the outcome is industry standard. All our photography will be given to the client to approve after it has been edited.

We have worked with a major sweet supplier taking an enormous amount to photos, over 400 and rising.
We have also worked with a tool warehouse as well as Jewellery and showcasing it, demonstrating it standalone and one mannequins.

Video Editing

Video Editing can often be taken for granted as a very easy thing to do, but in the industry the best editors understand the tone and tempo of the video being edited.


A poorly edited video will not keep your viewers attention for long and can reflect badly on your business. Careful planning is required when it comes to any video work and a good editor will be able to tell you if they have the resources to fulfil your requirements.