Character Design and Drawing

It’s important to understand where and how to use a character for promotional material. Just drawing a top quality character often isn’t enough when it comes to demonstrating a campaign or a companies needs.

Wyvern is more than happy to guide you through the process from start to finish and make sure we get it right first time.

There is often a lot to think about before starting such as:

  • What style does the finished character need to be in?
  • How many different poses will be needed for the character(s)?
  • Is it likely this character will need to be animated?
  • Will this character be used in print formats?
  • Is it really necessary to have a character at all?

Experience with Animation

When creating a piece for animation, it is really important to have in mind how the body parts will animate too.
Below are samples of creating bodies for use in animation.

These are three stings completed in 2004 for university