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About Wyvern Design

Simon Harris

Web Design | Graphic Work

Simon has always had a love for art and computers. He excelled at university getting a degree in Computer Arts. Simon started off by creating a few small local websites and eventually his big break at Autotrader.

After 10 years at Autotrader he joined a small SEO and marketing agency in the centre of Manchester to lead a web design team. Being offered a few contracts on the side, Simon decided he could work for himself successfully.

Simon will quote that Autotrader taught him how to be a professional and NetSixtySix just proved he has the skills, insights, training and know-how to be a success as a freelancer.

He strives to make sure every project is done with 100% enthusiasm, respect, professionalism and to a deadline.


Christopher J. Callaghan



Chris likes to utilise his skills both front and back end as well as keep in touch with my creative side with Website Design. Social and web Applications are another favourite of his. You can usually find him playing with API’s and creating something unique in my spare time keeps me busy when I am not on a project.

Chris has an outstanding understanding of the inner working of browsers and how they relate to code.

One of Chris’ biggest strengths is challenging him to a project of any size. He is up for it!